Friday, November 28, 2008

A Guns N' Roses Thanksgiving

If you want to know what a Road Trip with the Lindsey's is like, see below:

Hope you had a Rockin' Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Probably because I'm the best fiance in THE WHOLE WORLD.
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Homeward Bound...

Guess I'll give an update.

I'm in Nashville for AN ENTIRE WEEK!

I know, it's crazy. I arrived late Friday night and go back to Texas Saturday. It has been and will continue to be wedding planning-palooza. We're getting to the point where we do little, stupid, (yet somewhat important) details, like flower girl baskets and songs to play at the ceremony and reception.

I held back screams at Michaels (normally my happy place) tonight. It's amazing how in one context (bead-buying), Michaels is one of my favorite places. On the wedding aisle, not so much. How DO you fit so much tacky in one place?

Anyway, I'll post some pictures from the past few weeks:

Danny and I take registering for gifts VERY seriously. Guess what store!

We had a great time at an all day Texas Country concert.
I forgot my good camera that day; otherwise there would have been a FANTASTIC people-watching blog. AMAZING.

Humble? Nope. Can't blame 'em though. I guess since I have been very blessed in Texas I can't argue.

Name that food:

Yes, although it appears to be a delightfully-browned turkey, it is not. This, my friends, is a cake.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

They won't be writing any tributes about me.

A while back Danny gave me a book titled "Married to a Pastor." It includes tributes to "good" pastor's wives and tips on how to be one. It has been a good resource for me as I'm about to enter Pastor-wife-dom and has inspired me to be a Spiritually Beautiful Woman of Faith.
Having that said, I haven't read much of it. Clearly.

Tonight we had a Bible study with the youth which Danny does every Sunday night. Some nights I am invited to come, especially when another adult can't be there. I enjoy the kids and think of it as another opportunity for spiritual growth for me and time I can spend with Danny.

After tonight, I may not get invited back.

As an "icebreaker" and intro to the study we played "Catch phrase." In this game of speed and on-your-feet thinking we all determined what Sarah, the future wife of Pastor Danny does when she gets stressed. She likes to cuss.

The game piece is handed to me. I pick a word that I realize they don't know as I'm trying to describe it. I decide an appropriate segway word would be....Damnit.

Good one. Very nice.