Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NKOTB is back...

And they're almost 40.

Yet, somehow, still singing about the same stuff.

I have fond memories of birthday party "fashion shows" to the tunes of "Step by Step" and "Hanging Tough." I remember when they came to Jackson, MS and that some friends of mine got to go. I remember the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK sheets, sleeping bags, shirts, etc.
It's hard to believe they're back, in their late 30's, and still singing about girls in the summer.
I'm sorry but do 40 year olds still get summer? Do they get to lay at the beach with their honey with her body all "soakin' wet?"

Absolutely Bizarre.
Absolutely Amazing.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So, Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson

Recently, after a long sweaty walk, I was driving out of the lot of the park adjacent to a skate park. There were young boys there, probably ages 13-17, wearing their skinny jeans with their too long hair. They were shirtless and sweaty...and very adolescent.

As I drove by, the boys attention turned away from their friend who has just arrived, to me. I thought nothing of it until I hear; "What up MILF?" (Note, please do not look at the link if you are easily offended. To ease your curiosity, it means Mom, I'd Like [to] F...).

My face turned a shade of red that the running and sun had not given it. Me? A MILF?
But I'm not even a Mom!

My thoughts raced from "He thinks I'm old enough to be a mom!" to "Oh My God!" and "Man, I must be getting older!"

Now, after some thought, I realize that this young boy has no knowledge of my maternal status nor if he'd even have a chance. All he knows is that I'm older than he...and I'm HOT!!!

Paul Simon knew what he was singing about.