Sunday, December 7, 2008

High Chance of Showers

Being engaged is fun. I mean, first of all, you get to plan a wedding to a man you love and can't wait to spend your life with. Second, you get PRESENTS.

I've never been one to shy away from recieving gifts. Maybe it's my love language, I don't know. Regardless, you get LOTS of presents when you are getting married.

This weekend Danny's People in Houston gave us a shower. It was a great opportunity to meet his people, see his childhood home and least importantly (but still fun), receive gifts. They are so generous and wonderful and we had a fabulous time. Oh, and the food was fantastic as well.

Here are some photos from the day:

I am NEVER sad to receive wine.

The label is in French - must have translation.
Danny looking apprehensive after I "pretended" to stab him with our new knife.
What could it be...Crock Pot, set of dishes, That Wii we registered for?
Answer: A set of our china!!
We got the cutest Christmas tree decorated with kitchen utensils. The "skirt" was our placemats, napkins, and kitchen towels.
Danny hanging with the cutest guests of the party...
And with Mr. "Stovehand." Funny, I thought that was someone we were going to hire to cook for us.
This is us in front of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. If you would like to believe that it's ours, that's fine with me. This picture would also look nice on a Christmas card. Since we won't be sending them out, consider this a "Merry Christmas from Sarah and Danny."

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The Sheltons said...

Glad you enjoyed the shower. We are so thrilled for you two. I put up a couple pics on our blog as well. Congrats!